30day Halloween Poem Challenge Poem#18, 19 , 20

Skeleton Jig

They hold hands at night

and dance a little jig in the graveyard.

White as bone they say because that’s

all they are.

Skeletons gotta have just a bit of fun.

What would you do on Halloween if you were dead?

Do little a jig, make a little love…get down tonight.



Road and the Darkness

I can’t say why the darkness consoles me.

No fear exists as shadows flow around

and enscroll my body

in etchings of lonliness

and comforting coldness

which is all I’ve ever known.

I shall walk this long  road in silent  solace and perhaps find my

answer in the ravens which

circle overhead.



Slipping Mask

The negative of me is the mask that I remove

when no one is looking.

It slips on and off so easily.

I forget at times which one is in control.

Perhaps one day I shall show you that piece of me

But would you run away screaming?

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