NaNoWriMo starts for me TODAY!

October has passed…as well as  my Halloween Poem Challenge of  30 Scary poems in 30 days,  of which I think I accomplished very nicely….if I may say so – as he pats himself on the back –   thank you very much

NOW, I don’t want to write any new poems anytime soon…especially any Halloween or Dark Fantasy based ones…I’m kinda burned out on them and all…

SO you won’t see any poems here for awhile.

What you may see is me ranting about a new event I am participating in which STARTS TODAY!

Its called NaNoWriMo   or  National Novel Writing Month….that’s write (intended typo here)   you have to write a NOVEL , or more precisely 50,000 words in the month of NOVEMBER.

By hook or by crook, to meet the CHALLENGE you must finish before the stroke of midnight at the very end of the month 11:59 pm Nov 30.     30  DAYS!!!   50,000 Words –  THAT”S IT!    PENCILS DOWN CLASS!  NO CHEATING!

SO,  if YOU  yourself are interested go check out the official blog for it at  :

Really there is really not much more to it than that…just write,  write, write,,,,till your fingers bleed….THAT’s A LOT of FUCKING WRITING In a MONTH.   Well for me it is anyways.

You see I have this little thing called my real job which actually pays the bills which takes up about 10hrs out of my day Monday through Friday.  (thanks god I have my weekends free).  And then there’s sleep…we all gotta sleep  right…right?  (crickets sounds ensue)

So I’m left with not much time…Boo fucking Whoo!   (see I’m already ranting about it. It’s not gonna be a pretty month for me I’m afraid. I don’t handle deadlines very well…


To teach me that this is what FUCKING real writers do….they write, and write, and write, and then write some more.

So I am giving myself a good reality check and slap on the head…a WAKE the FUCK UP intervention to tell myself and to ask myself, and to challenge myself to get serious about this thing called writing or SHUT the FUCK UP!

I seem to being giving a lot of FUCKS today….I tend to do that when I’m self motivating.

Wish me luck.  I think I will be changed person after this,  GOOD OR BAD, I do not know…but a changed person nonetheless.

TaTa…I’m going down the rabbit hole now…

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