Progress so far in my NaNoWriMo Contest – A Short Synopiss of my NOVEL

Working Title-   The Creature in the Culvert


Calvin Williams is a very  intelligent  misunderstood teenage boy who is bullied constantly at school because of his eccentricities that mark him as different there. Him and his brother live with a mom who is doing her best to make it work.  A sometimes violent undependable  father lurks at the edge of his life causing more stress for his already stressful life. Through all this Calvin finds refuge in a world he has discovered. A magical world of his own making? Or is it something more?

Carlos Escobar, a tough kid, the youngest kid  from a big family with high expectations for him to make it when all the rest have not. But he has fallen in with two others that have brought out the worst in him in his need to rebel  against what others want of him. And there is secret which no ones about that is slowly causing him to unravel.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Preston,  new student to Two Rivers High School,  she’s pretty, strong, intelligent, and driven  but comes from a past that leaves her guarded, and borderline paranoid of people’s real intentions. High school is just a stepping stone to get on with her life and get away from a family she can’t stand.

Three distinct individuals on three very different paths will find themselves slowly spiraling towards a new magical reality they could only dream and a darkness that has laid hidden for thousands of years but now has been awoken with designs of its own with all three of them at the center of it.


Excerpt below from start of Novel –

Calvin had always believed in magic. He didn’t care what anyone else thought. They could doubt all they wanted. There was a hidden world which we cannot see sitting right in front of our faces, most everyone was too busy, too blind, or too stupid to see it. Calvin saw it in the trees as the ethereal distance winds kissed the leaves as it flew through the branches. He spied it dancing in the fire amidst the embers at night; little tiny sprites hopping from log to log amidst the flames. He smelled it in a wild rose growing in a crowded field of jostling weeds flinging its pheromones to attract the butterflies to alight on its silken petals. He heard it in the babbling brook as the water played upon the rocks behind his home whispering to the frogs as it traveled on downriver. He felt it in the rough stone he caressed in the palm of his hand; an ancient power from ages past unearthed from the deep bowels of the earth from the crumblings of a mighty stone titan long dead. It was everywhere if you would only choose to see. The magic spoke to him because he chose to listen and he almost understood what it was saying


And yes that slip in the title to my blog is intentional…:)

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