Making your way through this thing called Life

I gave the following advice below to a fellow blogger’s dilemma in their life that  they are currently struggling with. For what it’s worth. I hope she takes my words to heart for the coming  year and finds strength to do what she needs to do….

I have come to believe the world owes us nothing. And that it is up to us to make our own way in it. There are no guarantees of happiness but only the potential for JOY in your spirit. JOY  is  something separate from happiness. YOU are in control of your Joy in your heart. Happiness is external. Be the person you wish to be that brings out that JOY . When you do that, then the  happiness and contentment will follow. Much love.

(I have to give proper credit  because in my mind I was paraphrasing a one – Tyler Joseph of the band Twenty On Pilots  who made a similar quote somewhere else in the web sphere a while back)

Yes , its vague  advice .  But I don’t know her  whole story or her real internal struggles she lives with on a day to day basis.  I will not presume to question most beliefs but I am just stating my own. Their are many mysteries in the world  that people can KNOW they have the answers to but I don’t.  But their ARE mysteries needing answers so I will never presume the answers won’t come sooner or later to all of them.

I have peace of mind NOT knowing the answers  to the meaning of life.

I am happy with supposition and the what-ifs of it all.  To me that’s FUN.

Others do the same in the world,  whether finding it from an ancient book, their imperial logic, or through thoughtful  meditation.

I think we all do this  because  the  TRUE answer to the question might not be the answer we were looking for or even expected.

I personally think we are asking the wrong question: What is the meaning of  life? With the sometime addendum “and my place in it? seems to be the normal refrain by most humans.

Why instead don’t we ask ourselves.. What can I do in this  life that I have  been given to make someone else’s life better?

(The word, Someone,  in my mind  is defined as all species, not just us humans.)

Life as I said to my fellow blogger IN MY BELIEF is not exclusive to the individual.  It’s everywhere.  YES, it’s personal, but YOU are NOT separate and apart. YOU are part of it.

So dig in and get your hands dirty and your feet wet. Because life might be missing your part in it.

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