Kava Writers Collective – My Writing Group

Meet Kava Writers Collective!


Approximately a year ago I joined a writing group in my local area to better hone my skills as a writer and to feel not so alone in my desperation to want to be a writer….misery loves company…write? (I mean right?)

I kid actually…I think we all have potential in our own separate goals to want to be writers. Actually the founding member of the group, who goes by the  name of Susie,  who we all hail as the Supreme Dictator (I mean Leader) of the group was published  and is soon to be published again in March I believe on her second book and who is already hard at work on her third. She’s a powerhouse of wordum and knows her stuff…she’s definitely got the chops.

The group consists of nine people – of course people –  what did you think they were? Magical unicorns.  Shh….one actually could be….don’t tell him I said so though…we’re not to supposed to let on like we know.

Anyways, we meet every first and third Sunday of the month – weather permitting of course…dammit you  foul beast called snow that seeks to keep me from my destiny!

The group consists of five men and four women. It’s a pretty balanced group of individuals in the genre that they write to and in the way they may critique something you have written.  I love their feedback and think of them as invaluable coaches in editing and fixing what I can’t see that’s wrong sometimes with my writing.

In the last year, I feel I have grown under there honest feedback and response to my work. Besides that, they have inspired me to keep going at times when I get discouraged with setbacks that may happen in my own writing .

Their energy in their own work makes me want to push through, get the work done and be proud of a product that I can call my own.

How about you guys? Any of my followers or fellow bloggers belong to any writing groups or attend any workshops? If so, what do you get out of it?

8 thoughts on “Kava Writers Collective – My Writing Group”

  1. Writing groups are such a great way to stay accountable for your writing process. I love them! As someone with a literary blog, I’m so glad to see that others are using these groups to keep inspiration flowing.

    1. Yes….I was hesitant at first to join since I kind have always been a loner you might say…but its a good group with much camaraderie and I’m slowly learning to just let go and enjoy and learn from the experience…:)

  2. I get inspired every month when I meet with my group. We share news, spend time writing and read, and have guest (professional/established) speakers every other month to pass on golden nuggets. I feel guilty when ever I miss a meeting, kind of like skipping out on AA.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean…I get this guilt complex as well if I can’t come for some reason…they are a great bunch of people…and they inspire me as well like yours… I am glad you have a group.and don’t miss your Writerholics meetings too much…:)

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