What I See ~ An erotic Poem

What I See ~

Artist: Steve Smith
Artist: Steve Smith
She’s a colorful tapestry
overlaid in glass
framed in rigid steel
laid gently
upon my bed.
I don’t know what to make of her.
but I know very well
what I wish
to do to her.
She’s pure sex….
bottled and stoppered,
all I need do is
pull the cork
and she will  flow over me
to fill in my every niche
of need that dwells
She is strong,
resilient, quiet
and purposeful
She has many needs
deep as a well
and as dark.
but her colors
are bright
and they attract.
Oh that poor moth to the flame.
He never stood a chance.
Yet, I trace each piece of her
as she lies there
from azure blue, to crimson red.
to the delicate pinkish
hues that only a
gentleman like me
is allowed to see.
Her heat is inviting
I am not burned
for it matches my own
and it grows and grows.
by Philip Wardlow 2015

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