She is ~ An Erotic Poem

She is ~

by JessiBeans on DeviantArt
by JessiBeans on DeviantArt

She is dangerous as a newly

sharpened knife
and delicate as a dying
I can’t read her mind
but I know her intention
is to please
while secretly demanding to be pleased.
Her sweetness is bottled up
in a jar labeled as poison
Drinking her down
would be problematic if
the antidote was not close at
Taming her
Cajoling her
Corraling her
You can try,
but you might die just a little inside
if you failed in your quest.
She doesn’t want a pussy,
she already has one of those
so strap on that dick
and pump up your
give her a gentle kiss
but no slack or quarter in bed
She wants you sir.
Deep deep inside
her deviate little head.

by Philip Wardlow

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