Cute as a Button –

Cute as a Button ~


She is cute as a button but that button is sewed onto the dark lapels of the devil

She’s a handful, a handful of hurt with a side of outrageousness

spilling over onto the floor and making a hell of a mess

for me to clean up.

Cheeky smiling girl,

Oh, what a monkey you are…

Come down from that fucking tree, you are much

too high and the wind is howling

and the bough is ready to break.

Miss dangerous. A big red light blinking.

But would I take her any other way?

That corner, that question mark, that hill

I want to turn it each time, see the  answer revealed

and the top to be reached.

She’s cute as a wicked  little buttondevil button

could ever be.


by Philip Wardlow


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