The Incident – a Story

Going to attempt to write  a long poem or  short story within 10 minutes and just let my mind flow. I will correct all typos and grammatical mistakes after so that is not slowing me down… I will attempt a story  as I have written enough poems as of late and  want to change it up.

So here goes.  Keep in mind, if it sucks, I wrote it in  10 minutes okay….so go easy on me. Thanks!  🙂

The Incident

She held the boy’s head tight in  a death grip.  He was squirming but he wasn’t going anywhere.

The other boy’s friend had run to get the teacher on the other side of  the playground. The sun was high….sheesh, it was fucking hot, she thought.  The boy’s head was getting slippery with sweat, she was gonna lose him, so she kicked the back of his knees and sent him to the ground and put her knees between his shoulders bearing her full weight on him, which was a lot, considering the boy was a toothpick, a scrawny toothpick at  that. Why did he think he think he could get away with it?

She imagined his mouth was full of grass. Good. She smiled inside at the thought of him having a green tongue later when he got home.

She was surrounded by what must have been  thirty kids chanting to punch the boy she held onto.  Wasn’t this enough. Animals, she thought, all of them.  They probably  didn’t even why know she was fighting him.

“You okay Rick?”  she asked as she continued to kneel on him, her knees still pressing firmly in to his back. She actually really did want to know if he was okay. She was like that, even with a boy like Rick.

“Mmmmm,” was all she heard. Oh Shit, he really was eating grass. She let up a little with her knees. But not much.

“Get the fuck  off of me!”  He yelled, the side of his face a mask of wet grass clippings along with probably his own spit mingled in with the dew of the day. He squirmed and  he squirmed but  no progress was made to remove the weight that was her.

“Now you know the magic words, we have been over this already.  Let go of your  ego. It won’t hurt too much,” she asked him politely.

“Fuck, you Rachel, you bitch!”   was the only thing he said,  inciting ooh and aahs, and laughs from the other kids surrounding them.

Then the seas parted and the teacher arrived with the boy’s friend in tow behind.

“Get off that boy, right now young lady!”  said Miss.Moore, who was a younger teacher newly hired,  who had probably drawn the short straw for monitoring the students during lunch,  a nice enough woman, but a little too happy for her own good. Rachel never trusted anyone that was ever too happy.

“Can’t do that, Miss Moore. Little Ricky has been a bad boy. Haven’t you Ricky?”  She looked down at him ..pressing a little harder on his back for emphasis with the last sentence.

Rick, took the Fifth, like soo many before throughout history,  knowing the full cost of having to think too much in high pressure situations might damn them altogether.

“Ah, silence. The great arbiter!”   Rachel said to the crowd turning around to finally settle her gaze upon the teacher. By the funny look Miss Moore had upon her face, Rachel doubted she knew what the word arbiter meant.

“I don’t care what he did, get off him now. Don’t let me tell you again….” Miss Moore started to say.

“Or what?  You don’t care what he did?  You don’t care what he did?  My sitting on him doesn’t wrangle a  question out of that little head of yours?  Duress or not, I will have justice or by the fickle fucking gods above I will snap his neck in front of you and everyone else here and now!”  Rachel said in all the  fury she could muster. She idly caught the muted whimpering of Rick below in her ear. She was a nice girl but she was quite sure she had meant what she had just said. And it didn’t scare her in the slightest.

“What, what, did he do? ” Mrs. Moore murmured, asking tentatively. The crowd was silent . A pen could have dropped (but in the grass you wouldn’t have heard it)

“Tell her,  tell them all Ricky, now, and in the form of an apology as I won’t hear a lie from your lips speaking of it.”  Rachel let up the pressure but laid her both hands to his head very hard into the ground.

Ricky inhaled slowly.

“I am sorry for pulling  you behind the school into the woods and throwing you to ground and pulling your skirt above your head and threatening to fuck you while holding you down.”

“Tell them Ricky, tell them why it only went that far.” Rachel said in a flat quiet tone.

“Because you kicked me in the balls  and then punched me in my damn throat. I’m sorry Rachel. I’m really sorry.”  and then Ricky began to cry and blubber like a baby.

“I think we are done, here. Apology not accepted btw..not even until you are a hundred and two and fuck you,”  she said just as quietly, as she got up from kneeling on him and simply walked away.

The End

by Philip Wardlow 2016


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