She Entered – Warning Erotic Content

She entered the room
wearing red devil lingerie
gave me a smile
and removed the halo from her
and hung it upon the bedpost
telling me it would just get in the way.

She pushed me into the chair
that sat across from the bed.
Lingering, she bent in for a
kiss but instead gave
a bite
Then went to her knees.
Lips hard pressed against my cock
still held trapped in my pants.
She blew hard
Hot breath filtered and conveyed
through denim
A furnace to rival my own
Eyes cast up
Hands deft
Cock exposed, unlocked.
Sly grin as she grabbed with both
stare she still did
right into me
Relishing each tiny fragment
of this intimate moment.
Step by Step
she walked through my mind
Knowing my need.
I give her hers as
a fistful of hair filled my hands
and forced her down.
Then I entered the scene
and tore into her.

by Philip Wardlow 2016

by Philip Wardlow 2016

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