This light, this torch,
it wonderfully blinds
as I grope in the night
and gather my steed
to ride out
to kidnap
a queen

Dark haired beauty
with rapturous eyes
and a sharp charming tongue
which drips wicked words
found only in the foulest of
delicious beds.

She belongs to no meek frog of a King
but to me, a Prince
with a wit to match
and lips to kiss
just ever so
in all her delicate places
she wishes me to roam
Oh, and I will roam.

Yet, I best be wary
For I hear she is
a woman of guile
if there ever was,
with a temptresses smile
and a beauty to stupify
the mind
of mere mortal men.

She will find
I am
fit in brain and brawn
and not so easy a mark

She will be mine
as over my saddle she rides
back to my castle
on high.
Locking her tight
for pleasure
at my leisure

With a click
I enter her boudoir
draw aside the curtain
to a devilish smile
a body in repose
laid bare
wet, and glowing
a true light
to behold.

As I take hold of
my Queen.


by Philip Wardlow 2017

4 thoughts on “Helena”

  1. Wow perfect picture – beautiful! Reading through this several thoughts. One: Men always prefer brunettes so I feel sorry for blondes and redheads. Two: This was very passionate and intense. Three: Keep writing. Lord, just keep writing!

    1. Hey, not fair I married a strawberry blonde…lol..thatss redhead AND A blonde mixed 🙂 , but you are brunette aren’t you…wink wink…lol. and I am writing by hook or by crook…. need to ratchet up story telling however over my poetry work ….working on it. Thanks C xo ❤

      1. ha ha ha! Well I’m not really a brunette it looks that way in some pictures I’m just a boring brown but more light brown than dark (here in SA anyway as most are Hispanic and have that lovely dark hair) I’m really glad you are writing PLEASE do not stop see what you do when you start? And FAN ME those photos are HAUT! Keep working on it – never stop writing NEVER unless you want me to bust up your lip!

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