It took only One – Olivia Engle A repost from 2012 (Do we even remember)

Do we if even remember the others fatalities from years past? There have been so many.   I always seem to remember one and its Olivia Engle from the Sandy Hook Shooting in December of 2012….

Stupid Conspiracy theorists have the audacity to come out after this happened to say it was all  a hoax and that the killings were staged and not real.   WTF Really!?    Tell to that to Olivia’s Family and all the others… I dare you.



It took only one face on the list to make my brown eyes brim,

It took only one big glorious smile to enter into me and

have my heart fill  up and overflow onto the floor.

I didn’t want to look too deeply for it cut too deep,

yet I feel I should for her.

Here was a life never to know another day.

Here was a little girl with laughter in her eyes

and a future as bright as the sun;

I could feel that warmth radianting,

and seeping into me as I saw her

soul shining forth from the screen.

It took only one and there are

so many more.

It took only one and her name

was Olivia Engle.


By Philip Wardlow 2012


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