Every thing Gets Old?

“What value do you see in me?

In my melodramatic melancholy,
I answered her,
Everything gets old.
Time leaps and bounds like a
jackrabbit down the street
never to be seen
never to revisit.
It ain’t coming back.

The new is old, the shiny dull.
Promises forestalled
for yet another day still biting
yet to come to be called old

Motivation is a nag that
won’t shut up,
blah, blah, blahing
about a when that
shuns and hugs
all in one.

But you, sweet Red,
are nature incarnate,
imbued with a compelling
visceral beauty,
wild, free,
ever evolving
ever charming
your way into my heart
with a sustaining
that roots
deeply to
the core of me

Time only solidifies
that connection
and brings to light
that newness
upon every turning
of the page
in the story
you and I that
will be a beautiful
adventure if not
funny book
to read
one day.

by Philip Wardlow 2019

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