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Words from another world During NaNoWriMo


NaNoWriMo Contest has started for me….  ME!

I have written thousands of words…I will tell not you how much because I don’t wish to jinx it…but it’s coming,  their coming….the words….I’m pulling them from the air as the words float down… grab…grab snag…

A snowball rolling down a mountain. It’s slowly getting Bigger! This world that I am building. I hope I can control it…

It’s  getting clearer  day by day  I  think….I’m feeling the world….getting into the characters….their struggle is my struggle…I want to find their resolution…give them an adventure….make them suffer….fail…pull themselves up and make them realize the greatness that can be theirs…

Wish me LUCK!….and whoever else is participating in the contest or even writing their own story outside the contest…I wish you luck….your struggle in this endeavor is yours…remember that…at the end of the day..the story is yours…own it and finish it , give yourself the story if no one else…and most of all enjoy the experience. …:)

bad luck1

No such thing as luck (good or bad)  in your endeavors…just keep plugging away at it….and it will build upon itself….

Crimson Skull Contest Results are Finally Fully Officially In!

the-graveHello peoples, Well it’s been awhile since the winner was announced over at the Carnage Conservatory for the Crimnson Skull Contest which had been held around Halloween Time.

Through no fault of her own – which consisted of a broken computer and a broken hand, Emily, the editor over at Carnage, was delayed in picking and posting the remaining Winning stories for Runner-Up, Second Place, and Third Place for the contest. But now she has officially posted the remaining winners and their stories on her site. So please check them out asap and give a comment or two if interested.

First I am happy to see that Emily survived and fought against the elemental forces of nature be it electrical or physical from trying to stop her progress on her blog.

And secondly, I placed SECOND in the contest! How bout them apples boooy!

Anyways go check out the other winning entries over there and mine and let me know what you think. Feel free to heap as much praise on my story as you wish and downplay the other writer’s accomplishments. I won’t begrudge you at all…:)

Thank you Emily for putting on this contest over at Carnage; which she does every year and always seems to get lots of attention and good artists involved. Please see the links below for each story that placed in the contest:

1st place Winner: Our Grave Yard by Nathanial Hightower

Runner-Up: A New Rose, A Rabid Fugue State by Peter Marra

2nd Place: Witch Hunt by Philip Wardlow

3rd Place: Wrath of Age by Len Kuntz