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Entropy is an Asshole


Why does the “Happiness”
often seem to be derailed
by the struggle of it all?
The consistency of
Chaos never seems
to run out of fashion,
it just puts on a new hat
and goes out into the
world and laughs
while it fucks shit up.
All the while Order
sits at home
like a shut in
Picking up grains
of very white rice
off a very white linoleum floor
in the kitchen.
Is the struggle for that “It” , that
“Thing” the cause of it all.
Do other “Its” and “Things”
have to be broken and unbound
before Chaos sits his ass down?
I ask you this, because,
all Order ever wanted was
a cup of coffee from the kitchen
to ease
the headache that Chaos
constantly gives him.
Yet here Order kneels on
the floor picking
up stupid grains
of rice
While his head pounds
and pounds
and pounds.


By Philip Wardlow 2018