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Warrior Woman – A Poem



Warrior Woman ~

Ah yes, she be a beauty…

never a finer woman did grace the land.

From the tip of the toes to the top of that pretty little head.

Ah yes, she be beautiful indeed.

But you would be mistaken my good sir at trying to take advantage of one such as her

whether in  body, mind or soul,  as she would send all three of yours  straight to hell for the

devil to collect his due.

Flaming  red be the color of her hair,   burning much like her heart that beats in a warm bosom that knows no peace, nor solace in the silence between the madness that is always sure to come after.

Every turn of her blade is poetry…every dance a death sentence to her partner.

Care to be clever, to compel her to be contrite,  or woo her with wicked words

and she shall simply cut your tongue out.

Yet, she hopes, endures for that day,  when a compliment to her nature crosses her well worn path, fights through all her misgivings,  deep protected fears, and wrestles her to the ground, flings her blade from her hand and drives the darkness away.


by Philip Wardlow 2015 












Back Against the Wall – A Heroic Fantasy Poem by Philip Wardlow


Back  Against the Wall


Back against a wall I stand,

with my adversaries spread before me;

five, ten, twenty?

I have lost count.

They see the moon from overhead

reflected in my brown eyes;

steady and unwavering.

Think they have me trapped

in this blind alley I did

turn down?

By chance or choice I took the turn;

they’ll never know as

I give them a grin.

Who’s the better man?

Who shall be the first to

come take my blade I say.

They come; either silent or cursing,

Yet still they fall before me.

My blade was destined to taste

their blood it seems.

Death is my partner in this dance, but it is

I who lead and directs my dear partner’s


…and it is only I who leaves

this dark alley for home with the moon

now behind a cloud and gone from

my dark eyes.

By Philip Wardlow 2012