My Free Download Campaign Success for my story Epublished Story Roadkill

Hello guys,

Wanted to personally thank any of my followers and readers who took advantage of the Free Download period for my epublshed book “Roadkill” this past weekend on Amazon….I thought it was a pretty successful campaign.  My goal was to let people see what I”m all about as a writer and get a little of exposure in the process.

Plus, I thought it would be a great segue into future stories that I will be coming out with. One will be called “A Fire to Extinguish”, a science fiction story about a caveman who may very well decide the fate of the planet himself. The second story is a Dark Urban Fantasy, called “The Grate“. It’s about a man who has literally fallen into a world of war and evil where he must play the reluctant hero or just die.

Look for these titles on here as excerpts and then on Amazon later in there complete epublished format…I hope to grow in the minds of people that I am a serious and more importantly good writer of Dark Fantasy and speculative’s to many more great stories ahead…you can never have enough.

Thanks…..Philip Wardlow

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