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Mr. Pancake – A Poem an Ode to People who annoy the hello out of you

February 4, 2013


Mr. Pancake

You are a walking pancake in my way!

A brainless angry flapjack in my otherwise

glorious day.

My eyes roll up,

as you talk your stupid pancake talk.



Mr.Pancake…Just stop!

I know you think you have something

important to say.

But I don’t live inside your thin

bulbous blueberry head.




and I will put my fork down.

by Philip Wardlow

  1. LOL I love to gobble up your poetry.😉

    • Oh me oh my oh…:) thanks becca

      • 🙂 lots of oh’s there. Are we cure we are not talking about something different?

      • One can only wonder…

      • I knew it… Oreos!

  2. Suddenly I’m very hungry:)

  3. Vicki permalink

    I will view my neighbor differently…and people who drive in the passing lane….

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