What is your earliest human memory? – Comments most welcome

I remember moving into our new house and there were curtains hanging over the front living room window when we walked in.  My mom opened them up to let in more light into the room and two bats came flying out…it scared the shit out of my mom…but I thought it was the coolest thing…I was about three or four.


Again Comments are most Welcome…I would like to know a little more about my followers…(or passer-byes)

2 thoughts on “What is your earliest human memory? – Comments most welcome”

  1. Hmm. . .where should I start? Well my earliest human memory happened when I was about 4 or 5. . .I was being driven home one night and ended up in a field cowering beneath one of my aunt’s arm. It turned out that my uncles (or was it my cousins?) got into an arguement with some other guys on the street, as they were driving me home. And way back then, it wasn’t about settling issues with guns, it was about duking it out. So aside from trembling in fear, my uncles (or cousins) ended up getting into a big fight in the middle of a lit baseball field. Talk about being put in harms way!

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