Images to JUMP start that brain for NaNoWriMo !!!

Don't be afraid  to embrace a stranger....meaning the words you haven't met just yet.
Don’t be afraid to embrace a stranger….meaning the words you haven’t met just yet.

NaNoWriMo Bitches!   and I cannot yell it loud enough!  (sorry I’m channeling Jessie from Breaking Bad there)

I thought I would root through the web for you guys and  JUMP START YOUR BRAIN;  to  INSPIRE, to PUSH, ENCOURAGE,   to SLAP you awake,  or to  SHAME you to write and KEEP WRITING!


Whatever it takes to get you to keep writing I’ll do it …so don’t be a slacker….I mean it. That means you.  Who me?  Yeah I’m talking to you.  Get off that porn site or those fuzzy little kitties playing on  YouTube.   Or those Fuzzy little kitties watching porn…WHAT?…never mind…just turn it off and get to work!


We are already nearing the second week of the contest very soon,  that foot should still be on the gas pedal ….I don’t care if you’re  ahead of  the word count or not….no coasting BITCHES!

I pull out my Uzi and lay them by one RAT TA TA TAT the words just flow...BOOM!
I pull out my Uzi and lay them low…one by one RAT TA TA TAT the words just flow…BOOM!

Like building something with Legos when you were a kid, you didn’t know what is was going to be, but that didn’t stop you.

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