Thriller Chiller! – My Night out at a Horror Film Festival!


Hello one and all….

My wife made it back from her overseas vacation after 14 Long Days…BUT what did I do while she was gone during  all that time?

Well…after I got tired of all the strippers and hookers night after night laying around and drinking up all my orange juice in the fridge at my house, I decided to go to the THRILLER CHILLER FILM FESTIVAL in my area.

The Festival was scheduled to go for  three days , Thursdays thru Saturday from midday well into the night…

I had limited time on my hands because of all the hookers,  so I could only chose one day, Friday ended being  the day I would attend the festival.


The Film Festival is held annually at the local Wealthy Street Theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It’s a beautiful theatre . It houses Theatre A which showcases the longer running film and Theatre B for a lot of the movie shorts.


This was to be my first Film Festival and I didn’t know what to expect.  I did expect this to be a more intimate affair as this was a small venue along with it being a less well known event. (but getting bigger every year!!! )

 The front Lobby and the inside of the theatre give off  nice ambiance. Theatres like this are like coming home. It was nice just to sit there in my seat and just take it all in.


I didn’t go with anyone but I did run into a friend named, Mary Marly Green, who often frequents these events and who also does a little acting herself in this genre of film. She’s a great actress, she dies very well also….:)  Hire her.



I saw many great movies Long and Short such as: Kill Switch, The Gauntlet, For No Eyes Only, O Amuleto do Dragao,Devils in the Darkness.

Check out the trailers above. I highly recommend all of the movies if you run across them in a film Festival in your area .

I had a good time for a first timer. I will definitely be going to next year’s event and perhaps look for others to attend between that time…:).     Check out other pictures I took at the event below!

Actual Creature Prop hand you could buy from the Movie – ” Devils in the Darkness”
The Director of Devil in the Darkness, Daniel E. Falicki, getting a little frisky with one of the actors in the movie…
Marly and Me…. wait wasn’t that a movie?
Devils in the Darkness made it’s Premiere here the night I went to the Film Festival…it was a Michigan based production group that produced the film!

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