Taken – an Erotic Poem

Taken –
In silent repose in bedtaken
she read.
Night enshrouded her.
Eyes heavy from the day
as sleep was soon to come.
A creaking of the stairs
revealed of his approach
A small kiss goodnight
then to leave again as always…alas
Book put aside as he entered,
his handsome rugged smile
found hers as he approached
A light kiss on full lips
along with his lingering cologne
clinging to his pores
caused her to sigh inside.
Light kiss turned to an insistence
pressure as a rough hand found
her breast…squeezing hard in intention.
Blankets flung back,
quick hands grabbed at panties
pulling them down thighs, to calves
to feet, then off in a flick.
Dark brown eyes dilated to drink her
in like a heady red wine.
Strong hands grabbed at knees forcing
legs open wide,
asking for no permission.
Head dove between thighs
sweetly kissing her other lips.
She bucked and thrashed as
his attentions below
had taken her well in hand.
The dance with tongue so delicate and
He grabbed both her arms by the wrist,
holding them tight at her sides to calm
the body that could not resist
the rising within.
She rode on wave after wave,
with each successive one ever higher.
His ardor had risen complete as his
hardness moved up her thighs
pressing, wanting a deep kiss of its
His eyes found hers as he
entered, sliding into her tight wetness
They moaned in unison at the shared
pleasure as he filled her with him.
Time evaporated for the next
minutes or hours as he owned her.
He was denied nothing as he took
her savagely, pushing and pulling
himself into her.
Biting a shoulder, or her neck, enveloping
a breast with his mouth.
No part of her body was left untouched.
In this instant he lived within her body
This was his domicile to come and go as
he wished.
And she welcomed it all…
by Philip Wardlow 2014

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