My Pillow – A Poem

My Pillow ~

A heavy heart leads to heavy eyes

often in a night with no end.

The pillow knows me

well this past year.

Tears accumulated in its

cotton fabric could

tell many a tale.

to any stranger who

would care to ask.

But my pillow knows

how to keep secrets

to my detriment it seems.

From loneliness,

To envy, from fears to

lies, unknown desires, on to

shame, and honor


I am but me,

with a ready smile

and an open heart.

and a soul

frustrated at its


Learning, seeking

self, as I do not

trust that seeking

in its self.

For I lie to me.

Wonderful me

I lie to me.

Where do you go wish to go?

And what road do you

want to take to get you there?

My eyes finally close.

and only my pillow

knows those

answers I pose

to myself.

By Philip Wardl0w 2015Ostrcichpillow

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