A New Direction in my blog? Or just back to where I belong…




I started this blog back in 2012 to promote my writing. I wanted to hone my craft as a writer of stories, to entertain, to inspire, to convey a bit of my own philosophies and life  lessons ,and to also  have an outlet for all the pent up pressures of the day and prove to myself I could be a successful and  write with the best of them eventually.

This blog was not supposed to be just a distraction to my day, or a hobby, or just something to past the time or  to socialize with. This blog was created with the intention to put in real time, real blood and sweat and tears and simply write, to write stories, work on my creativity, to inspire, to show you me and let the chips fall where they may.

Gradually over the years I got away from that….I think the fear crept in, as the publisher’s rejections climbed intermingled with the very few triumphs received. So I gave up a little each day. I don’t think I knew I was giving up. But I felt the passion for the long runs going away….the putting in of the time necessary to get to the good stuff.

So I limped along on here…throwing out poems mainly….some good, some really good….some just meh.

But that was a finger in the damn of the need I felt flowing in me to produce what I KNEW needed to come up out of me.

SOOOOOOOOO…to make a long story short…I made a realization suddenly this week.

JUST STOP!  RESET…Go back to what you want and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

So I am. So look for more stories on here  and more focused work from me.

My first project will be  a collection of short stories  new and old to be published this year.  YES THIS YEAR. YES THIS YEAR.  I must say that as a mantra to myself to make sure I do not falter.

I plan to publish these stories  in electronic and paperback book format. So hopefully you are in for  entertaining excerpts from my mix of  stories in the coming month or so.

I will still write the occasional poem but hopefully with even more thought and careful consideration and appropriate flair as can only come from  me.. 🙂

Tomorrow I shall list some of my stories in my planned book collection with a brief synopsis or possibly scene excerpt to show you what I am all about and what is crawling around in my head….  🙂

Wish me good luck!





8 thoughts on “A New Direction in my blog? Or just back to where I belong…”

  1. Best of luck! I look forward to reading your stories, and don’t forget a writer writes a little each day regardless of being published or not. If you keep at it and visualize it it will soon come to be.
    P.s. Your inner whore was once attracted to my “numbers slut,” lol or something like that…all that to say writing is my first passion too…so hush and write. 😊 Cheers! 🍷

  2. Philip, I think this is wonderful. So very wonderful. You have such incredible talent that is made evident through your writing…which is simply a reflection of an amazing person I know and admire. 😉

    I’m really glad you came to this realization this week…and am almost relieved to see this fire again in you. It’s not an easy road you have chosen, but like I have said, I believe in you…fully and deeply. You can…and you will…achieve what you are after. 🙂

    I look forward to reading your stories and seeing what this next year holds for you.

    Huge hug 🙂


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