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You can Wish





You can Wish

and Bitch

and Whine

and Moan

But that mountain ain’t gonna

give you a helping hand

to climb.

So you slipped?

That’s gravity pulling you down.

You see, the Earth is bigger than you or me

and it’s going to do that.

If you have muscles wrapped

around that bone

then pull yourself


Call me an asshole.

Go ahead. I’ve called myself

that enough for two lifetimes.

But I’m learning that life

respects grit, and getting

back in the game,

no matter how many times

you slip.

In the end,

she still may be  a bitch.

But it’s not your call

to wonder and wait

at your fate.

Yours is to simply do



by Philip Wardlow 2015

My Climb – A poem


My Climb

The cold bites into my

hands as I reach for

the rocky outcrop in

my climb to the top.

The blowing wind plays with

me as it shifts from east to west

trying to fool me into shifting

my weight to the wrong position.

The sun shadows my every

move but I give it a smile and

a scowl.

I say fuck you to the elements,

I say fuck you to the gravity

that wants to pull me back

to Mother Earth.

I may be a student to this life I lead,

but you are not my master.

No one claims me.

No one drives me but

myself up this mountain

I climb.

If I ‘m going to fall,

It’s going to be because

I chose to jump.

and fly


By Philip Wardlow