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Shiny Metal – A poem

My Shiny Metal~


I float in this boat,

bobbing at

the whim of the waves on my course.

A slave to nature’s most erosive


Always weighed down by other

distractions in my journey.

Sometimes I hardly know its there,

so quiet it can be, so still

never moving an inch.

When did it first settle on to me,

this quiet rage.

Clinging to me like barnacles on the

hull of  my ship deep at sea.

Eating away at the steel in me

as it collects.

This quiet rage.

becomes cumbersome,

a weight that’s hard to

slough off easily.

Lift me from the ocean on timbered

beams and let me drip dry.

Now scrape, and scrape, and scrape

See my shiny metal gleam?

I must be diligent.

Scrape, Scrape, Scrape.

Lest this quiet rage

causes me to sink into

the abyss.

to become

just useless scrap

resting at the bottom

of a dark sea.



by Philip Wardlow 2016