Haikus of Horror and Fantasy

I have been visiting a lot of sites lately devoted to horror and fantasy. I have mainly being doing this for a two reasons. First, is because I’m actually interested in other people’s stuff because I’m a big fan of  both genres.  Next, was to see the talent (and competition)  that’s out there in horror and fantasy for what’s being published and bench mark myself a little to see if I have what it takes to get published.  After reading the good, the bad and the hideous in various publications around the web I would say YES!, I do have what it takes to get published (and paid) for my writing.  Anyways there is hope for me yet.

In my fledgling posts here on my blog  I am  always attempting to have the visitor get a sense of me, where my mind likes to wander and where I may be going in the future with my talents as a writer you may wish to read and check out.  To preface the below set up I picked some of my favorite pictures related to aspects of horror or fantasy and wrote a little haiku to capture that very moment or scene. I often will do writing exercises like this to help limber up my brain prior to writing a story.

I would love to hear any comments or thoughts on if I got it “right”…hell I would love to hear your own Haiku of said picture. So please respond if a thought or comment tickles your brain.

The Abbey in the Oakwood

Darkness falls deeply
Hallowed ground never disturbed
Lest the spirits rise

Conan The Warrior

Blade drawn and battered
Warrior's blood soaks the ground
Death cannot find him

No Escape!

Cold hands tight on throat
Black grave no longer asleep,
now not so alone.

Red Sonja

Deep in thought she sits,
Cursed to suffer, blessed to kill
with strength in her heart

A Door Opens

Door opened to light.
Blood trail shows a fools luck,
a door best kept shut

The Tree of Snakes

A tree of snakes hiss
Undulating mass of skin
fall like leaves on me

The Clown

Painted red and white,
the clown smiles keenly at me
with teeth razor sharp.

Spider on my Arm

Delicate and soft,
the Spider walks up my arm,
witches good luck charm

So what do you think? Care to give it a go?  Should I assume everyone knows how to write in Haiku Form? If not the writing formula is simple, it’s basically 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second and 5 again for the third line. Give it a try..I would love to see what you come up with besides my own stuff..Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Haikus of Horror and Fantasy”

  1. 1) Light fading quickly,
    As trees contort in Bless’d fear
    Of darkness anew

    2) For the Wrath of man,
    Knows no inner boundaries
    Death portrays a blade

    This is really good! I’m an avid fantasy reader myself and I think you’ve captivated the essence of all things Horror/Fantasy!

    (Sorry couldn’t help but take you up on the offer of writing haiku’s, I just love them)

  2. Thanks for the reply ….I like your Haikus as well especially the 2nd one…dont want to rain on your parade though..but I think the 2nd line has 8 syllables in it ( I just changed “internal” to “inner” in editng if thats okay for you, if not tell me the new word to change it to. If you care that is…lol.) I have done that same thing myself with many a Haiku…. Thanks for playing along…I always love a good Haiku!

  3. I’m terrible with Haikus, but these are great. The closest I’ve gotten (and it’s not even a real haiku) with poetry is my poem ‘Ode to a Bic Lighter’ which goes
    A flick of the thumb
    instant fire
    the caveman is jealous

    Great work here!

  4. You nailed it. I can’t write Haiku’s worth a damn, so I’m not even going to try. If you like short Horror/Suspense stories, check out my blog sometime 🙂

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