“Roadkill” for FREE this weekend!

Roadkill Story on Amazon

FIRST thing I want to say is,  I am NOT  handing out  any dead skunks, raccoons.possums or any other such  dead creatures to you…

What I am going to make available to you for download is a great little dark story  for you to cozy up  to….

If you are new to my website you may not have realized that I Epublished a book to Amazon that sells for $2.99,  called you guest it, “Roadkill”.

If you look to the right of this article,  you will see a direct link to that story on Amazon’s website. You can also click here or above.

Starting TOMORROW on Friday, August 31st  through Sunday Sept 2 it will be available for FREE for anyone to download.

You don’t need a kindle to download it and read it but you will  probably need to download Amazon’s small Kindle app program for viewing on your PC before being able to download and read the story. Other than that it’s a piece of cake.

I personally don’t own a Kindle myself but I found you can, by using this simple downloadable software have access to  free or very very cheap entertaining stories or even full lengths  books through Amazon downloaded  to your computer permanently.

Amazon allows writers/epublishers to schedule up to a total of  five free days of free access to other Amazon users for download of their published works as part of their marketing program. I thought it would be a great idea for my followers  and anybody who finds me in the blogosphere to take a look at what I’m all about as a writer and hopefully pass my name along to friends and family.

I am at work on two other stories and a novel of which I wish to complete and put out there as epublished books  in addtion to turning them into publishers and contests for consideration.

So check it out… as long as nothing is glitchy over at Amazon you should be able download it tomorrow for free, and of course Saturday and Sunday.

And definitely let me know what you think of the story after you have finished reading it. It would be great if you gave me a review on Amazon as well.  You can find an excerpt here to get a feel for the story to see if its something you might be interested in.

If you like urban fantasy and a touch of horror entertwined with some suspense added in then you  just might like this little story.

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