I Recall – A poem

I Recall

I recall her smile the first time I saw her

Radiant and warm with a hint of

Laughter at the edges

I recall her eyes

Deep and blue;  eyes you didn’t lie to

Because they could see right through you.

I recall many things about her

As I sit on my front porch swing

Gazing  up at the nighttime sky .

Thinking. Just thinking.

Bringing the past to the present

As I so often do.

I recall the sway of her hips.

A woman’s hips

Hands,  my hands enveloping her  from behind in

A loving embrace.

I recall her smell ;   fresh and sweet  like vanilla ice cream

topped with raspberry syrup.

My mind likes to wander to thoughts of her

The wonder of her.

My wife, and  my life.

I recall it all.

by Philip Wardlow 2012



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