Haunted Baby. – 30days till Halloween Challenge – Poem #2


Haunted Baby

While I slumber you climb  out  from your graveyard crib

and creep.

What foul revenge do you seek?

Baby Baby , Haunted Baby.

Stay Away!

But to my kitchen you do go,

to grab  the sharpest knife you see,

then toddle and teeter on unsure feet

with a sure grip on blade in hand,

you make your way to where I sleep.

Baby Baby, Haunted Baby

Stay Away!

I toss and turn,

for in the dim fog that is my brain,

I feel a nightmare approach

in a slow dead march

down my long dark hall.

Baby Baby, Haunted Baby

Stay Away!

With dead baby teeth you pull your way up

my crisp linen sheets like

an animal enraged.

The moon shining through my window

is the sole witness

to your evil

as you plunge

the blade deep.

It is only then a smile

replaces the snarl

on your lips

as you fade off to


Baby, Baby.

By Philip Wardlow

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