Light at Play – An Erotic Poem

Light at Play ~


I see you hiding there in the sun.
As the light curves around your curvesOpaque
and continues on.
A lovely silhouette,
my little backlit babe.
I would ride the hell out of those hips
and I would not save the
rest for a rainy day.
Shine on, Shine on Mr. Sun…
Her body comes, a slow tortuous
meandering walk my way.
With a smile and a glint in the eye of clever intent.
She is soon
to cum in bed with me.
Let’s fuck and suck and tug and pull
penetrate, and resonant to each
other’s deviant rhythm.
The sun plays on you yet again in a
different context
as the angle of its rays change
throughout the hours that pass
there in that sexual playpen
that caress your soft silky skin.
You see the sun?
It wants to touch you as much as I.
Back off Mr. Sun
for she is mine and
mine alone.
Its my day to play.


by Philip Wardlow 2015

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