Your eyes – A poem







Your eyes ~

Your smile is a lie

Your laugh is a lie

Your mouth is a lie.


But your eyes, yeah,

your eyes,

they never tell a lie.


Look away, look at me at deeply,

look at another, or at

me with disdain.


A broken dirty window to the soul

to climb through into you.

But I don’t wish to get cut.


The rules of you are a fickle thing at best,

written on a chalkboard always soon to be erased

and replaced anew.


Your eyes always give fair warning, like the

lighthouse as it swings around 360 degrees,

as I bob and  bounce in my little boat offshore.


The signal is clear in your gaze

or lack thereof

It’s crystalline blue.

and bright.


And will light my way out of this

maze that is you.


Philip Wardlow 2015


Artist Jeremy Penn with model Jessica Stam











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