No Boundaries

No Boundaries ~       BirthdayGirl

I see no signs
upon you
stating no trespassing.
I see no limit
with which I may
take your body to.
No caution markers
or road flares are set inside of you
unless I put them there,
pushing them into any hole
deep, deep, deep.
No lines confine me as
meander all over the
Bouncing to and fro.
You will never know where I’ll be,
for no laws direct me.
You live in my land
under my hand
but there are no borders,
no restrictions to how far you may travel.
Show me a map and I’ll throw it away.
I like surprises,
I like the hidden places
those secret spaces
that most people drive
right on by.
Show me yours
my adored
and I will show you a world
without boundaries.

by Philip Wardlow 2015

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