It took only One – Olivia Engle

On Earth Day I thought to cite the other species that is fighting against extinction….not in their lives themselves but in the way they value their own lives and way of living at the cost of others. What is dying in us is the ability to be empathetic . We are letting apathy grow in us at the cost of others. Our population is growing, yes, but our lack of compassion is not keeping step with that rise in our numbers. I am just asking you to CARE just a little more than you did yesterday…



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It took only one face on the list to make my brown eyes brim,

It took only one big glorious smile to enter into me and

have my heart fill  up and overflow onto the floor.

I didn’t want to look too deeply for it cut too deep,

yet I feel I should for her.

Here was a life never to know another day.

Here was a little girl with laughter in her

eyes and a future as bright as the sun;

I could feel that warmth radianting,

and seeping into me as I saw her

soul shining forth from the screen.

It took only one and there are

so many more.

It took only one and her name

was Olivia Engle.

By Philip Wardlow 2012


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5 thoughts on “It took only One – Olivia Engle”

  1. I agree. If I had one wish, it would simply be that we would all learn to care more…for other people, other living things, the earth in general…as the alternative– apathy– is terrifying. I see that to a degree already among my colleagues and it is heartbreaking to witness. Let us not become like that.

    And that is a beautiful and sad poem. It’s always comforting to see one who still holds a soft heart.


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