Know thyself

Thoughts flit
Just yet another
challenge in my
mind’s eye
at the ludicrious way
we look at life
and our singlular place in it
Like we are everything or nothing
to each other with no stratum
of between.
I am perfectly flawed
as are they all.
Feeling special is transient
Go. stop. get off.
Get on. Go. stop. get off
I know I will never be enough
and that’s more than fine
For who wants to be all
to anyone.
It’s a burden I can’t carry
yet its still a desire to
try at times.

by Philip Wardlow 2018

6 thoughts on “Know thyself”

  1. Either nobody is ever enough or nobody has to be enough or nothing is ever enough or enough isn’t good enough because it’s just a ludicrous socially imposed lump of crap. What matters is are you there when you need to be, are you present in your own life, are you able and willing to be in others forsaking yourself? I would answer YES to all of the above when related to you. In this, you are MORE than enough. But our world is a greedy fucked up world that doesn’t understand nuance so I say this only, anyone who knows you, knows you are enough and if you ever doubt it, look in their eyes.

    1. Awww. thank you sis….. those words mean a lot. Yeah, I often get too heavy and judgemental of myself in what I offer others or don’t. I’m trying to in my “older” years now see it more for what it is and for what I actually am, as you so eloquently stated to me 🙂 much love always and big hugs

      1. Most ‘good’ people are self-judging it’s both a good thing (keeping them honest) and a bad thing (being too hard on themselves) and getting that balance right isn’t easy, but I’d take someone like you over someone who can only think of themselves any day and you are truly a person who cares outside of yourself which in this increasingly selfish world is a miracle in its own right, so cut yourself a huge swath of slack k?

      2. Just know, those who are your real friends ALWAYS know the best of you and are never far away. I count myself lucky to be among that group and I hope always to be.

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