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Still only

Still only~

Time will eat  at you while you’re still alive  picking your bones clean like a vulture, swallowing you in big gulps but with no droppings to follow later.

Every molecule of you will be forgotten in history…every thought…every nuance to what was you …gone…simply gone.  One day.

Just the ask the dinosaur’s bones that litter the world. What were their names? What great sonnets did they compose? What grand edifices did they erect in honor of their forgotten gods? We are but dinosaurs, waiting for our grand event to expire us.

I say that’s all fine and good, but could we at least grow to be as smart and civil as the dinosaurs that came before us?

Let’s finally leave our caves  once and for all. We discovered fire and the wheel a long time ago but really have made no progress since.

Perhaps a fingernail’s thickness only I imagine. A lot for us I am sure in the short time on this planet…but still only a fingernail.

by Philip Wardlow 2016


Strange but True? The 300 Million Old Screw

As a writer I like to look to pictures, art,  or  cool stories (real or otherwise) to draw on for inspiration for my stories and/or poems I write. I found this below little story on the cool sight called Stumble Upon, which always has interesting pictures, facts and stories to peruse when you are just bored or looking for something to do. 
Whether this story is true or not it still makes you think and I always love the What-Ifs and Mysteries in life.  To me this story is more fascinating than all the  ridiculous scenarios about aliens  coming to build the Pyramids, or having something  to do with Stonehenge, etc…. 
300 million year old iron screw

In the summer of 1998, Russian scientists who were investigating an area 300 th km southwest of Moscow near the remains of a meteorite, discovered a piece of rock which enclosed an iron screw. Geologists estimate that the age of the rock is 300-320 million years.

At that time there were no intelligent life forms on earth, not even dinosaurs. The screw which is clearly visible in the head and nut, has a length of about cm and a diameter of about three millimeters.
My thoughts after reading this:
I researched this a little more and found that this particular discovery has never been debunked as simply a screw being dropped into a peat bog or a tar part or encrusted in a ossilized sedimentary rock like a piece concrete.  Any of those scenarios would quickly explain away the reason for this  “ancient” screw.
The screw was supposodedly encased in this ancient rock at the time of its actual forming 300 millions years ago.  So who/what made this screw?… nature, aliens, time travelers….to me anyone of those three still intrigue me because we still don’t know the answer.
So  a  hmmmmm? forms in the brain. …A mystery……I love a mystery  because life in all its facets from  love, to certain friendships formed , to religion,  to our origins,  to space is really all a mystery no matter how much you think it may not be.  It is…  and that’s a cool thing.  That’s a fun intriguing notion that life is a mystery and still has mysteries and that everything isn’t  known.  That’s no fun.  That’s like knowing the ending of the movie before you sit down in that darkened theater with your box of popcorn…