Vintage Dreams



a funny grain

that gets stuck

like a piece of

grit between

clenched teeth.

And spitting never helps, so purse

your lips



A fickle fable

held in high esteem

as you tell the story

of a wonderful what-if

while the stars loftly

laugh at you in the dark ink blot above.

Grip the grass you lay upon

as the earth tilts just ever so.


Oh love,

Where for art thou?

Romeo was a fool to seek

a party where all the players

knew their part  while all the

while Juliet had cotton stuffed

in her ears like a silly Teddy bear,

seeing  only your pretty little

mouth move without a




By Philip Wardlow 2017





8 thoughts on “Vintage Dreams”

      1. Definitely trying…. I am kind of the exact opposite of most writers meaning if a writer’s personal life is not so good they tend to write more. I tend to right less if my personal life is not so good. trying to get there…we shall see… thanks C

      2. I totally get that. I think I’m half-and-half, if i’m really happy I don’t write, if I’m really sad I don’t write, it’s the grey middle-ground that gets me writing. I hope you are okay, PM me if you want, either way just know your WP friends miss you and appreciate you

      3. Thanks Candice…. I have a hard time leaning on people but I will bother Ya though sometime perhaps… Appreciate the are a good friend .Xo….here’s to the Big grey middle area !!! 🙂

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