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Haunted House – 30 Day Halloween Challenge Poem #23


In my youth,

on a dare, I walked up  the crumbling steps to a dilapidated house.

Why?  Because I was bold, fearless, and a little

touched in the head.

I pushed at the door,

The hinges squealed like the tortuous squeals

of pain inflicted a hundredfold.

My two friends stood there in the front yard like tall petrified blades of grass,

looking on, probably wondering how far I would take their dare.

“Go inside,” they said “and say Trick-or-Treat.”

So I had went, to  the dark threshold  to the

mouth of a house, said to have seen murder and mayhem

many years hence.

Then I did cross to the inside.

All was quiet.

Darkness advanced through the windows as

the sun finally set behind the dead trees outside.

Tattered curtains fluttered as the wind flowed

through broken panes of glass.

I was sure time had slowed. I had entered another dimension,

stepped into the netherworld where only ghosts lived.

Yet I felt no fear…only a calm curiosity to see

what might happen next.

Footfalls fell upon the floorboards, almost

skipping as if in play.

A little girl’s laughter filled my ears

as my bag of candy was pulled from my grasp.

“Trick or Treat?”  I asked, already  knowing the

answer to my question was both.

She materialized before me, munching on

a piece candy  she had found in my bag.

I watched, mesmerized as I saw the contents of

the candy go down her throat  through the opaqueness

that encompassed her form.

“No taste” she said sadly to no one.

Her eyes turned dark, reflecting a lonliness

compiled in a century of misery in this dank

forgotten home.

“Take this.” I said, handing her my sword and pirate hat.

“Happy Halloween, for tonight is your night…” I whispered.

She smiled a devlish grin and bowed, returning my

bag  of candy back to me.

“A treat indeed.” she said, laughing

and swinging her pirate sword,

lost in her world of make believe

as she slowly dissolved away.

I smiled a secret smile as I walked

down the steps to my friends,

and began to tell them of

my encounter they would

never really believe.

by Philip Wardlow

Skeleton Prince – 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem a Day – Poem#8

The Skeleton Prince,

with eyes dark and vacant

as an empty mouse hole,

looked down from his lofty


Feet dangling over  a crescent Moon.

Halloween had come again.

All the little children

were scurrying about from house to house,

collecting their useless tidbits

of candy.

During the year as always,

ignored he was, no matter how

how loud he yelled down through

the clouds.

The children didn’t like him.

He supposed it had to do with his lack of skin.

It was just skin.

Who needed skin on the moon?

But Halloween had come, and for one night a year

the children looked up and saw past his

lack of skin and smiled.

And he smiled back and even waved

at some who stopped and took the time to

really look up.

He knew it was fleeting,

for soon Halloween would be gone.

and the loneliness would return.

But he reveled in their smiles and their laughter.

The witches, the goblins, and skeletons and the myriad

of monstrosities which abounded.

He was one of them, if for the briefest of moments,

and the coldness in his bones  seem to lessen

just a bit.

The night flew like the fall winds

and nary a child walked about.

Most were inside counting their candy

from the mountain dumped upon their

living room floor.

Soon there were none save one

in the night.

A little girl, wearing a dress of

gossamer white, with a diamond studded

tiara upon her dainty head. Crying.

“Why do you cry so.”  the Skeleton Prince asked

“Two mean trolls took my bag of treats” said the little girl

looking up.

“That is no way to treat a Princess,”  he huffed

“Here, I think you will quite like this instead.”  he said, as he pulled from behind

his back a jagged saw  which he placed against the moon and began to cut a piece off.

Bits of the moon crumbled and tumbled to the little girl

below and fell into her lap.

“Take those pieces and place them under your pillow.

Make three wishes before going to bed, and in turn you will wake to them

fulfilled in good stead.  Now GO!”  the Skeleton Prince commanded

The little girl ran.

With that, the Skeleton Prince went also to bed,

head hanging low to wait for next Hallow’s Eve.

A knocking awoke him, and that knocking

was inside his own head.

for the little princess was their tap tap tapping

on his bony skull.

“I made Three Wishes dear Skeleton Prince.”

“One was for candy, and oh, did it come in loads!”

“The second was to be your friend. So here I am!”

“And the third…?” The Prince asked

“Why, for it to be Halloween every single day of the year.”

by Philip Wardlow