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Haunted House – 30 Day Halloween Challenge Poem #23


In my youth,

on a dare, I walked up  the crumbling steps to a dilapidated house.

Why?  Because I was bold, fearless, and a little

touched in the head.

I pushed at the door,

The hinges squealed like the tortuous squeals

of pain inflicted a hundredfold.

My two friends stood there in the front yard like tall petrified blades of grass,

looking on, probably wondering how far I would take their dare.

“Go inside,” they said “and say Trick-or-Treat.”

So I had went, to  the dark threshold  to the

mouth of a house, said to have seen murder and mayhem

many years hence.

Then I did cross to the inside.

All was quiet.

Darkness advanced through the windows as

the sun finally set behind the dead trees outside.

Tattered curtains fluttered as the wind flowed

through broken panes of glass.

I was sure time had slowed. I had entered another dimension,

stepped into the netherworld where only ghosts lived.

Yet I felt no fear…only a calm curiosity to see

what might happen next.

Footfalls fell upon the floorboards, almost

skipping as if in play.

A little girl’s laughter filled my ears

as my bag of candy was pulled from my grasp.

“Trick or Treat?”  I asked, already  knowing the

answer to my question was both.

She materialized before me, munching on

a piece candy  she had found in my bag.

I watched, mesmerized as I saw the contents of

the candy go down her throat  through the opaqueness

that encompassed her form.

“No taste” she said sadly to no one.

Her eyes turned dark, reflecting a lonliness

compiled in a century of misery in this dank

forgotten home.

“Take this.” I said, handing her my sword and pirate hat.

“Happy Halloween, for tonight is your night…” I whispered.

She smiled a devlish grin and bowed, returning my

bag  of candy back to me.

“A treat indeed.” she said, laughing

and swinging her pirate sword,

lost in her world of make believe

as she slowly dissolved away.

I smiled a secret smile as I walked

down the steps to my friends,

and began to tell them of

my encounter they would

never really believe.

by Philip Wardlow

The Night Entreats – 30 day Halloween Challenge A poem a day – Poem#5


The Night Entreats

The crows rested in the trees;

for the killing was all done and they

were full.

Their caws as they conversed,

sounded like laughter to my ear;

as if the murders they had committed

 had been all in good fun.

The wind whistled in the trees

and nudged the dead leaves

to life across the road.

Brown and gold skittered like roaches

and hopped like bulbous toads

traveling in a disorganized parade

for the dead.

The bright moon held no warmth

for it worked with the cold wind

and played through the trees to

cast pale blue shadows upon me.

Figures of dark demons, witches, and imps

danced in front and behind as I  softly crept

 lest they hear me trespass in their day they

called night as they played.

My step quickened as the wind seemed to thicken

and pushed at me like a hand on my back.

I grabbed myself against the chill which

ran deeper than it should this fall night.

This hallowed eve, it seemed, held more magic than ages

past, more power, more darkness than the last.

An ancient magic flew on a mystic wind

That brought to my soul a feeling of dread and

memories of evils best left long gone and dead.

The night entreated and beckoned

me to come and walk off the path I was on,

to follow the dead parade as it marched on.

Perhaps I could join in the fun

and dance with the minions

of the night who ate and drank of sweet

things they called treats.

They grinned at me from out of the dark,

but I saw the trick in their eyes

as they wiped the blood from their lips

I would not be fooled

So I ran,

faster than the wind could find me,

Faster, faster, faster I ran.

until I reached my hallowed home.

and clicked the lock shut tight.

The night retreats.

by Philip Wardlow

It’s October – my Faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite month of the year! What are you going to be on Halloween?

I do bake  a killer Pumpkin pie.   But I do not wear this outfit above while doing it…not a  pretty site. Now my wife has been known to wear many a risque outfits….she could definitely pull off the one above.


Cuz my wife and I live for any  chance to wear a costume on Halloween.

We have been James Dean & Marilyn Monroe, Vintage Baseball Players, Wonder Woman & Superman/Clark Kent,1970’s Couple, Zombies, Crazed Scarecrow and a Cat, Stranded Space Alien,Family of Vampires (son got in on this one),The Carnival Master in Something Wicked this Way Comes, Monster from The Village Movie,etc

This year what are we are going to be?  We will probably be rehashing the James Dean and Marilyn Monroe costumes we still have….they were fun.. perhaps I will be James Dean after the accident…still deciding on that one…:)

That leads to another question. What costumes have you worn in the past or have ever wished to wear but never have?

Any embarrassing Halloween stories to share?

Ever  been chased by Bigfoot on Halloween?  I have.  That’s a story for another day…

Every year WE  buy the pumpkins…WE draw the faces on them and then I cut them open  and then I  scoop out the brains and do all the work…cuz it’s just to gross to stick your hand in something so sticky …(we won’t go there pervs)

 Us as James Dean and Marilyn from a few years back…