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Haunted House – 30 Day Halloween Challenge Poem #23


In my youth,

on a dare, I walked up  the crumbling steps to a dilapidated house.

Why?  Because I was bold, fearless, and a little

touched in the head.

I pushed at the door,

The hinges squealed like the tortuous squeals

of pain inflicted a hundredfold.

My two friends stood there in the front yard like tall petrified blades of grass,

looking on, probably wondering how far I would take their dare.

“Go inside,” they said “and say Trick-or-Treat.”

So I had went, to  the dark threshold  to the

mouth of a house, said to have seen murder and mayhem

many years hence.

Then I did cross to the inside.

All was quiet.

Darkness advanced through the windows as

the sun finally set behind the dead trees outside.

Tattered curtains fluttered as the wind flowed

through broken panes of glass.

I was sure time had slowed. I had entered another dimension,

stepped into the netherworld where only ghosts lived.

Yet I felt no fear…only a calm curiosity to see

what might happen next.

Footfalls fell upon the floorboards, almost

skipping as if in play.

A little girl’s laughter filled my ears

as my bag of candy was pulled from my grasp.

“Trick or Treat?”  I asked, already  knowing the

answer to my question was both.

She materialized before me, munching on

a piece candy  she had found in my bag.

I watched, mesmerized as I saw the contents of

the candy go down her throat  through the opaqueness

that encompassed her form.

“No taste” she said sadly to no one.

Her eyes turned dark, reflecting a lonliness

compiled in a century of misery in this dank

forgotten home.

“Take this.” I said, handing her my sword and pirate hat.

“Happy Halloween, for tonight is your night…” I whispered.

She smiled a devlish grin and bowed, returning my

bag  of candy back to me.

“A treat indeed.” she said, laughing

and swinging her pirate sword,

lost in her world of make believe

as she slowly dissolved away.

I smiled a secret smile as I walked

down the steps to my friends,

and began to tell them of

my encounter they would

never really believe.

by Philip Wardlow

It’s October – my Faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite month of the year! What are you going to be on Halloween?

I do bake  a killer Pumpkin pie.   But I do not wear this outfit above while doing it…not a  pretty site. Now my wife has been known to wear many a risque outfits….she could definitely pull off the one above.


Cuz my wife and I live for any  chance to wear a costume on Halloween.

We have been James Dean & Marilyn Monroe, Vintage Baseball Players, Wonder Woman & Superman/Clark Kent,1970’s Couple, Zombies, Crazed Scarecrow and a Cat, Stranded Space Alien,Family of Vampires (son got in on this one),The Carnival Master in Something Wicked this Way Comes, Monster from The Village Movie,etc

This year what are we are going to be?  We will probably be rehashing the James Dean and Marilyn Monroe costumes we still have….they were fun.. perhaps I will be James Dean after the accident…still deciding on that one…:)

That leads to another question. What costumes have you worn in the past or have ever wished to wear but never have?

Any embarrassing Halloween stories to share?

Ever  been chased by Bigfoot on Halloween?  I have.  That’s a story for another day…

Every year WE  buy the pumpkins…WE draw the faces on them and then I cut them open  and then I  scoop out the brains and do all the work…cuz it’s just to gross to stick your hand in something so sticky …(we won’t go there pervs)

 Us as James Dean and Marilyn from a few years back…

What does a guy like me who writes Fantasy likes to do in his spare time when he has it?

 The Renaissance Fair of Course!

Yes that is me in the background  wearing that ridiculous fencing  get up and kicking the ass out of probably a seventeen year old kid while looking like an idiot with balloons on my head….but I won! I parried and thrusted like no bodies business.

The Renaissance Fair is every Fantasy writers dream! Right? C’mon Right..

Yes, I like the Renaissance Fair….so what! ….  And NO I do not wear tights and dress up with a sword at my side or wear chain mail and talk in a Medieval accent.  (even though I would secretly like to very much)

I do enjoy the atmosphere…it’s almost like you have stepped back into the past some 500-700 yrs ago… Except first you must plop down the  $ 19.95 admission price  just before you can cross the moat over the drawbridge and enter under the portcullis (through the gates). But just wait after that it gets better!

There’s entertainment galore! Archery, Throwing Axes,Fencing (as seen above), Jousting (not me but by actors, I wish),humorous skits, music and merriment, drinking,eating…..oh the food…I die for a big Turkey Leg in hand while I’m walking down the thorough fares of the town as the vendors hawk their wares (no I don’t want to buy any tights..now leave me the fuck alone…I mean fuck off my dear sir praythee well), or how about crossing a bridge and getting insulted by an ugly troll (is there any other kind) that lives underneath…..true.. scouts honor. No I did not punch him…the courts never proved  a thing.

One of the first things you run into if your lucky enough….WAIT what the hell am I saying?  If your UNLUCKY enough, is the MayPole Girls..I took this video myself as they accosted me as I walked by them…check the video out HERE. Needless to stay the experience was very disturbing…avoid them at all costs….just check out the very short video of them and you’ll see what I mean…creepy.  I got the hell out of that area after the video was taken. My family abandoned me..traitors!

I have only gone twice so far just starting in 2008.  I’m thinking of going next year if time and money  allows. I also may participate in the Archery Tournament that is held  there on occasion. I’m a pretty fair shot and I think I can hold my own.  If you end up one of the top Three Archers in the contest, the title of Ranger is bestowed upon you forever at the fair…yeah I’m a nerd like that.

All in all it’s a good time to be had.  Money well spent. I was lucky that both times we had went it had been a sunny gorgeous day because the Festival is open rain or shine. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to do in the summer time. There are several Festivals such as these spread across various states which run usually from late June through September…here is their website of the one I went to in Holly,MI called The Michigan Renassaince Festival. Below are a few other pics from our little adventure back in time:

Knights Riding out to Present themselves to the Queen prior to the Joust
Lively band full of bag pipes,drums, and the merriment I was talking about
The Asshole of Troll who flings insults at you at the bridge..but he’s a good singer …for a Troll that is.

If you have ever gone to one of these I would like to hear about your own experiences good or bad. Sir Philip of the Crows bids you good day.