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Take Courage in OZ – A poem

Take Courage in OZ ~ yellowbrick
You have a brain
bespectacled girl.
You have a heart
as the tears flow.
You are on the road
even though
the yellow bricks
are all  faded and
You are on the road.
Take courage
as the forest for the
grow up and around,
Dark arms reaching,
Its all they are,
menacing arms
Its all they ever are.
Take courage in the night
for the moon lights
your path.
The lions, tigers and bears
are friends
For who could resist your charms.
Oh my!
Who could indeed?
And if they did.
Well what kind of friend
would they ever truly
Take courage  in Oz
for you walk the same land
as them.
by Philip Wardlow 2015

Click of a Switch – A Poem

Click of  Switch ~
I am turning off that switch,
you know the one,
the one that makes
me hesitate.
uncourageous (is that a real word)
too cautious
It’s what’s needed
to get down to the
nitty gritty of it all
I WILL stumble
I WILL fall
That undeniably will happen
I WILL hurt
I WILL hurt others
But I do anyway,
Ever forward as they say
with a click of  a switch.
by Philip Wardlow 2015

They hide it well – A Poem

they hide it well,
their fears and sorrows
as they lie there in the dark
thinking constantly of them
like a rain of dying leaves,
yet the tree never goes dormant,
leaves always falling
The shower cries a little more with
them in it…
The tissues strewn across the floor
like  bombs gone off in a mind field.
The tension in the eyes, tight
like a highwire act…
Balancing, every balancing.
It’s in them..
for the alternative cannot
be looked at.
It’s a wonderful state of mind
when you truly let it in.
That allowance for the little things
That smile,
That laugh,
A tender moment.
They only come once.
Don’t hide that as
by Philip Wardlow 2015umbrellas

“Get busy living or get busy dying”

“Get busy living or get busy dying”  – quote from Shawshank Redemption
One of my favorite characters in a movie said that…
How many of us have held back?
All because of some fear.
Nothing more, nothing less
Fear of the unknown, of failing, of not fitting in,
Playing the fool
Not looking cool.
Not being the smartest one in the group
with nothing to lend to the conversation
worthwhile in your own eyes.
Living for them
Living for something that might never come
Passions pushed so far down
that you don’t even know that they
are there.
Desires wrapped tight and buried in the backyard.
Dig them up…
Take your shovel
and go searching for those lost
treasures you think
you seemed to have forgotten about.
Its never too late
to find those riches that
were yours to possess
and spend on your self
in the first place.
To luxuriate in like a
King or a Queen.
Fuck the what-ifs and the unknowns
and the people rolling their eyes
as they see you walk in the room.
Fuck it all.
Because its you,
and that you
only has one life to live
and its yours.
by Philip Wardlow 2015 

Let Go



Let go
Two simple words
yet as complex
a phrase as you
will ever hear

Give over
Give in
Just submit

To Life
To Me
To Change
To Everything

While opening your mind
to the darkness inside
and letting the night take you
where it will

Fear dissolves,
replaced with a surety of a soul
that has always
resided in you.

by Philip Wardlow 2015

Delicate Strength

A Delicate Strength~Delicatestrength


If I called her delicate
She might well give me
a dark eyed glare
and haul off and try and hit me
Then I would laugh
and push her down
Arms restrained
She would fight
Oh yes, she would fight
Tendons taunt
against muscles she
couldn’t hope to overcome
But I feel her strength
a quiet marching strength
in her soul.
It pours off her in everything
she says and does.
But she has a delicate
For her heart has been strained
Pained beyond belief at times.
Yet she hangs on
through that strength at
her core
I feel it as she struggles against me
As I smile my mischievous smile
and get her to smile along with me
in that struggle
And let her win…


by Philip Wardlow

Mr. Moon – A poem



Mr. Moon ~


Why oh why Mr. Moon do you walk

hands in pockets, eyes downcast,

as the stars sit in there satin blue sheet,


Don’t you know it’s all for you?

No eyes but yours can see

all that the sky can give.

Feel blessed in this.

Earthly trappings are not the

core of your constance.

Nor the phases you

endure in your

soul’s search

for permanence.

Even in shadow,

yet you are still whole.

Even though no others

may see.

You will always be whole.


by Philip Wardlow 2014

Punching Water – A poem


Punching Water

If I had to describe  what  life was like

I would say it’s like punching water.

I flail with fists at this simple concoction of

wondrous matter with wild abandon.

Yet it feels no pain,  no emotion

Bruised knuckles connect to its surface

breaking the stream,

It simply cascades around my skin.

Surface tension,  caused by its bi-polar nature

reforms the flow after my useless flinging

of flesh has ceased.

My presence barely felt.

Strength is spent, muscles on fire,

breathing labored

I give up the fight

and  cup my hands to take a drink.

by Philip Wardlow 2014


Uncurling Brightness – A Poem


Uncurling Brightness –

She may call herself invisible.

But I see her.

Melancholy eyes with a reflective inquisitive smile

for those that deserve it.

Hands that wish to touch,

and be touched.

Lips that wish to kiss

and be cherished.

Silent resolve,

and practiced patience

bundled in a cocoon

of courage that never

leaves any doubt.

Only a fool would fail to love


Only a fool would see

her as a fading spiral,

while I only see

an uncurling brightness.

by Philip Wardlow 2014

Kava Writers Collective – My Writing Group

Meet Kava Writers Collective!


Approximately a year ago I joined a writing group in my local area to better hone my skills as a writer and to feel not so alone in my desperation to want to be a writer….misery loves company…write? (I mean right?)

I kid actually…I think we all have potential in our own separate goals to want to be writers. Actually the founding member of the group, who goes by the  name of Susie,  who we all hail as the Supreme Dictator (I mean Leader) of the group was published  and is soon to be published again in March I believe on her second book and who is already hard at work on her third. She’s a powerhouse of wordum and knows her stuff…she’s definitely got the chops.

The group consists of nine people – of course people –  what did you think they were? Magical unicorns.  Shh….one actually could be….don’t tell him I said so though…we’re not to supposed to let on like we know.

Anyways, we meet every first and third Sunday of the month – weather permitting of course…dammit you  foul beast called snow that seeks to keep me from my destiny!

The group consists of five men and four women. It’s a pretty balanced group of individuals in the genre that they write to and in the way they may critique something you have written.  I love their feedback and think of them as invaluable coaches in editing and fixing what I can’t see that’s wrong sometimes with my writing.

In the last year, I feel I have grown under there honest feedback and response to my work. Besides that, they have inspired me to keep going at times when I get discouraged with setbacks that may happen in my own writing .

Their energy in their own work makes me want to push through, get the work done and be proud of a product that I can call my own.

How about you guys? Any of my followers or fellow bloggers belong to any writing groups or attend any workshops? If so, what do you get out of it?