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Applying for the Job of Death



To Whom it may Concern,

I saw your ad in the Daily Death Bugle for an opening for the Death position that had recently become available in your department.

I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see the position finally open up after so many eons of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…sorry (I have waited quite a while)

Please see attached resume regarding my education and experience on all things related to death and in my earlier years with dismemberment only as I was still learning what it truly meant to properly and with great honor take someone’s soul.

My brief stint of education  at DIT (The Death Institute of Technology) wetted my appetite for all things Death, so I then chose to enroll with the esteemed Reaper University to properly round out my skills and attain, as you see, my Masters ,Majoring in Reaping with a Minor in Pottery. I have trapped many a soul in my stylish handmade cookie jars mind you, and they sell really well at the Arts and Craft Festival every year.

I believe my collaboration and internship work with various mortuaries, churches, casinos, and funny enough, oriental massage parlors gave me a unique perspective that Death is always lurking around the corner. I am ready, willing and able to creep around any corner put in front of me with vigor and steadfastness to this ancient glorious trade to see that the job gets done.

 Please consider me for  this Reaper position as I believe I am the only entity for the job with the right  mix and balance of perversion, passion and education to get the job done, and done right the first time,  as you can only kill a person once they say.


Philip “The Grim”  Wardlow

666 Scythe Lane
Purgatory, MI



Soul Vacation


 Soul Vacation~


If my soul took a vacation,

escaped from my body

and left me sitting here

in my cold dark room

would I care to care

that it took a cruise?

Would my eyes look at

life differently?

Would my loves & passions

be muted?

Would my pains be gone?

Is it a sacrifice to lose one over

the other in spite of?

Again would I care when

my soul is gone?

I would think there would be

a longing for a forgotten


that could not be defined

by my minds eye that’s now


If my soul left me.



by Philip Wardlow 2016

Raven’s Journey – Poem

Raven’s Journey

We cut the night air with wings of black,

we cut the life strings at twilight’s blessing.

My brethren and I see far and wide,

for we are many.

There is no escape,

no hole can hide you,

nor disguise

mask a spirit

so foul.

We bring you home to purgatory to sit and

roost in a black shed of despair,

to dwell upon a life where dark leanings

led you to dissolution of a soul that

sought heights they were never meant to fly.

So contemplate, ponder,

wander this dim world between

darkness and light,

and perhaps we shall


By Philip Wardlow