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The Night Entreats – 30 day Halloween Challenge A poem a day – Poem#5


The Night Entreats

The crows rested in the trees;

for the killing was all done and they

were full.

Their caws as they conversed,

sounded like laughter to my ear;

as if the murders they had committed

 had been all in good fun.

The wind whistled in the trees

and nudged the dead leaves

to life across the road.

Brown and gold skittered like roaches

and hopped like bulbous toads

traveling in a disorganized parade

for the dead.

The bright moon held no warmth

for it worked with the cold wind

and played through the trees to

cast pale blue shadows upon me.

Figures of dark demons, witches, and imps

danced in front and behind as I  softly crept

 lest they hear me trespass in their day they

called night as they played.

My step quickened as the wind seemed to thicken

and pushed at me like a hand on my back.

I grabbed myself against the chill which

ran deeper than it should this fall night.

This hallowed eve, it seemed, held more magic than ages

past, more power, more darkness than the last.

An ancient magic flew on a mystic wind

That brought to my soul a feeling of dread and

memories of evils best left long gone and dead.

The night entreated and beckoned

me to come and walk off the path I was on,

to follow the dead parade as it marched on.

Perhaps I could join in the fun

and dance with the minions

of the night who ate and drank of sweet

things they called treats.

They grinned at me from out of the dark,

but I saw the trick in their eyes

as they wiped the blood from their lips

I would not be fooled

So I ran,

faster than the wind could find me,

Faster, faster, faster I ran.

until I reached my hallowed home.

and clicked the lock shut tight.

The night retreats.

by Philip Wardlow

No Where People – 30 Day Challenge for Halloween – A Scary A Poem a Day #4

No Where PeopleNoWherePeople

You may see them as a flit out the corner of your eye.

A inky deja-vu at midnight as you walk the dark street.

Always at the edge they lurk.

Waiting. To pull you in.

If you are  open to the blackness within their  world,

just climb through the mirror or fall into the

mists which lay low to the

ground just before the break of dawn.

They perpetually linger, so

never think you are alone as you

slip into bed.

See that shadow playing off in the corner?

Simply a curtain through which they


Do you dare to pull it aside?

By Philip Wardlow

My Dear Psycho- 30days till Halloween Challenge – Poem #3


My Dear Psycho,

Strip me bear and lead me to the bath tub

naked and lay me


Slit my wrists, slit my throat and have

my deliciousness drain from me

and let it feed the sewers below.

Watch the light slowly leave my eyes,

as you hold me close in a lover’s

viscous bloody embrace.

Sing to me of your wanting,

Sing to me of your loss you hold

deep and dark as pitch that never

knew love.

My Dear Psycho,

Dip a finger or two into an open

wound that you so choose and

paint a caricature upon me of you.

Leave me smiling,

leave me bloody and blessed by your touch.

Leave me dead

In my own bathtub.

My dear Psycho.

By Philip Wardlow

Haunted Baby. – 30days till Halloween Challenge – Poem #2


Haunted Baby

While I slumber you climb  out  from your graveyard crib

and creep.

What foul revenge do you seek?

Baby Baby , Haunted Baby.

Stay Away!

But to my kitchen you do go,

to grab  the sharpest knife you see,

then toddle and teeter on unsure feet

with a sure grip on blade in hand,

you make your way to where I sleep.

Baby Baby, Haunted Baby

Stay Away!

I toss and turn,

for in the dim fog that is my brain,

I feel a nightmare approach

in a slow dead march

down my long dark hall.

Baby Baby, Haunted Baby

Stay Away!

With dead baby teeth you pull your way up

my crisp linen sheets like

an animal enraged.

The moon shining through my window

is the sole witness

to your evil

as you plunge

the blade deep.

It is only then a smile

replaces the snarl

on your lips

as you fade off to


Baby, Baby.

By Philip Wardlow

Death Waits – 30days till Halloween Challenge – a Scary Poem a Day. Poem #1


Death Waits

Blackness stands vigilant

over a life you deemed

of no worth.

It sees your path laid out like a meandering stream,

soon to dry out in a dead valley gone from tall green

to wilted brown.

Patience is one of its skills for

the time it will take  you

to slowly unwind from your mortal coil.

But unwind you will.

With a keen blade

as sharp as the sickle moon which hangs the sky,

it shall cut you from the

thread of life

you never cared

to hold.

By Philip Wardlow