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The Dark – 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge #16

The Dark –IntheDark

I’m in the dark.

I look at it, as it looks at me.

Silently it sits.

The minutes  draw out to what seems hours.

I move left, it moves to follow.

So I stop. It stops.

The sound of heavy breathing, like the bellows of a fire

emit from its mouth. My heart speeds up.

It seems to be waiting for something. But what?

I raise my hand as if to wave. It waves backs.

Oh you fool,  it’s just your reflection in the mirror.

Calm your breath, its your own lungs you hear

expelling in your ears, your own movements which

track from across the room distilled from the dim

photons which bounce back to your misguided


“You idiot” I tell myself out aloud.

“Yes, you are” it answers back.

by Philip Wardlow


Spider Crawling – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – Poem#15 – HALF WAY!!


Spider Crawling

Did  you know  they crawl  mostly  at night?

Spinning  their webs to snare their prey in the day.

They like warm places.

They dwell in dark recesses .

Sometimes as you sleep they select

an ear or a nose.

A slight tickle may make you fidget  as you dream

I suppose.

They just wish a home to feel safe in.

So let them crawl;

over blanket, over pillow, on cheek,

over lips, to the darkness within.

by Philip Wardlow

Take Me – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – Poem #14


Take Me –

If I should die before I wake, I pray thee  Lord my soul to take…

Let me wander free of me,

Let me wander far of field

of the flies and maggots

which fester upon

my  rotting flesh.

My mind is not my own

as I walk this earth I once

called home.

Take me, for I do wish to remain

a husk of hunger

never knowing peace.

Take me so I may

finally fall  asleep.

by Philip Wardlow

Killer Pumpkins – 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem #13 – (but I cheated :)

Killer Pumpkinskiller-pumpkinWeapons

Ba dump…ba dump…ba ba dump.



They roll.

They stroll

down the streets;

orange and angry.

Why do they roll?

Why are they not in bed,

with green leaves as blankets

To cover their orange ripply heads.

I suppose they’re pissed off

for being left behind

in the patch.

What the fuck was wrong

with them, they ask.

It’s Halloween and they’ve

waited long enough.

Knives in hand with

grins carved in,

ready to show

the little tricker-treat bastards

a real killer


So they roll

and they stroll

down the street.

Ba dump.KillerPumpkin

Triad of Horror Haikus – for the 30 day Poem Challenge We’ll call them Poem#11, and 12 :)

The Dark needs my Soul
For it is feeding time now,
it’s always hungry.
I think it sees you,
I am sorry that is so
He kills very slow.
Think driven by the wind?
A lonely swing in the dark.
When alive, her friend.

Evil Eyeball – 30 day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem A Day Poem#10


I see you evil eyeball in the dark,

You twitch , roll, spin and watch

Please stop your spinning to and fro

Or else, Squish! you go between bare toes.

By Philip Wardlow

Outside your Window – 30 Days of Halloween Poem Challenge Poem#9


Outside your Window –

Have you ever had evil imaginings,

awake or dreaming,
and confused the two?

A  palpable scene,

with the texture of  black  silk covering

from head to toe,

wrapping around your neck as your breathing slowed?

The dark outside solidified against the glass

as something settled it’s gaze.

A pinprick of pressure to the skin at

the nape of the neck.

It’s waiting to be let in.

Your hand rises to the latch, as you wonder

at  the horror that seeks you and the  curiosity in

which you seek your own demise.

Perhaps this will be the night

you finally die.

by Philip Wardlow

Skeleton Prince – 30 Day Halloween Poem Challenge – Poem a Day – Poem#8

The Skeleton Prince,

with eyes dark and vacant

as an empty mouse hole,

looked down from his lofty


Feet dangling over  a crescent Moon.

Halloween had come again.

All the little children

were scurrying about from house to house,

collecting their useless tidbits

of candy.

During the year as always,

ignored he was, no matter how

how loud he yelled down through

the clouds.

The children didn’t like him.

He supposed it had to do with his lack of skin.

It was just skin.

Who needed skin on the moon?

But Halloween had come, and for one night a year

the children looked up and saw past his

lack of skin and smiled.

And he smiled back and even waved

at some who stopped and took the time to

really look up.

He knew it was fleeting,

for soon Halloween would be gone.

and the loneliness would return.

But he reveled in their smiles and their laughter.

The witches, the goblins, and skeletons and the myriad

of monstrosities which abounded.

He was one of them, if for the briefest of moments,

and the coldness in his bones  seem to lessen

just a bit.

The night flew like the fall winds

and nary a child walked about.

Most were inside counting their candy

from the mountain dumped upon their

living room floor.

Soon there were none save one

in the night.

A little girl, wearing a dress of

gossamer white, with a diamond studded

tiara upon her dainty head. Crying.

“Why do you cry so.”  the Skeleton Prince asked

“Two mean trolls took my bag of treats” said the little girl

looking up.

“That is no way to treat a Princess,”  he huffed

“Here, I think you will quite like this instead.”  he said, as he pulled from behind

his back a jagged saw  which he placed against the moon and began to cut a piece off.

Bits of the moon crumbled and tumbled to the little girl

below and fell into her lap.

“Take those pieces and place them under your pillow.

Make three wishes before going to bed, and in turn you will wake to them

fulfilled in good stead.  Now GO!”  the Skeleton Prince commanded

The little girl ran.

With that, the Skeleton Prince went also to bed,

head hanging low to wait for next Hallow’s Eve.

A knocking awoke him, and that knocking

was inside his own head.

for the little princess was their tap tap tapping

on his bony skull.

“I made Three Wishes dear Skeleton Prince.”

“One was for candy, and oh, did it come in loads!”

“The second was to be your friend. So here I am!”

“And the third…?” The Prince asked

“Why, for it to be Halloween every single day of the year.”

by Philip Wardlow

Mikal – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – A poem a Day – Poem #7


They enter,

meat sticks wearing sacks of white.

The meat sticks tell me my name is Mikal

I don’t believe them. What do meat sticks know?

Then the static returns, and the distortion sounds

loud in my ears.

Red and black swirl like a tornado to my eyes.

I wake to screaming.

My mouth is full  of something and I am chewing.

It is a meat stick.

Why do they scream so?

Isn’t that there purpose? Food for me.

Hunger pervades like a demon sitting

squat legged in the middle of my


The demon rules.


Always they say that.

My heart beats faster…

Vibrating my ribcage,

for not much fat or muscle

surrounds it.

I am not Mikal…

Mikal was weak…I ate him a while ago.

By Philip Wardlow

Devil May Care – 30 Day Halloween Challenge – A poem a day – Poem#6


Devil May Care

They call me Mr. Mysterious,

Darkness who wears a black hat and a devious grin.

Clever, crude, quick to charm but  never

a prude.

Your sins have invited me in.

So there is no need for fear, for you

see, I truly care that you see me

as I see you.

Shadows dance for my pleasure

For they are the ones you cast

and fling out with pure abandon.

I am a hunter in my heart.

Pure and simple, you are my prey.

Collecting you as simply as a little butterfly in

a mason jar.

And how I love to see you flit and

fly about, reckless with no direction

until SNAP!

You sit upon my myriad of shelves

far far below.

Simple part of my collection until

time runs out of time.

on your miserable little soul.

by Philip Wardlow