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Starting out

Starting out,
she was perfect,
snow white in complexion
with hands and legs of delicate
moving intent.
She had a curious furious mind,
flitting like a butterfly.
Her dreams took her everywhere
she wanted to go,
just to be.
Her smile was pure and outpouring
magical and inviting.
Her laugh was infectious and inclusive
Her empathy for a friend
heart rending and knife cutting
to the bone of the soul.

She was what beauty was always meant to be.

Then one day she heard the words and phrases
of the malintent
she’s not as pretty as some, or that
brain between yours ears
will never get you very far
And thoughts of fancy are
best left forgotten,
placed in a locked box
and dumped into the sea.

All her seeming sins were brought up from the depths
and laid bare by muted lovers never seeing their own
ill gotten gains.
Violent beating words, followed by choking pushing
declarations of malevolent “loving” motives
left her mind a fractured land
she was scared to travel,
day or night.

At the start of my first
pause at seeing her
really seeing her,
she was magic personified in flesh.
A bright pulsing blue
A rushing vibrant river come to claim
and I smiled inside
at the taking of me.

I saw in her the inception
of the girl and the woman that was always there
I saw all those things they could not
in her
And I told her so.
as she smiled
tears falling.

by Philip Wardlow 2018

My Gay Agenda by Alisa Hutton

Hello guys…

I ran across this blog by Alisa Hutton whom I do not follow, but was directed to by someone that does; a one Candice Louisa Daquin over at thefeatheredsleep   I think it is a great post  and sums up the feelings I think a lot of people may be having regarding the Orlando shooting whether as  a family, friend, or spectator to it all like me…so please read this small excerpt, then head over to Alisa’s sight to read the remaining portion which brings ups very good points about our perceptions and place in life…

My Gay Agenda by Alisa Hutton








Sometimes I want to write something and I just don’t know how to start it. Sometimes something happens in the world and I want to cry and yell and grieve and shout words until it is all out of my system and the world is right and sensible again. I know when I feel like this that usually my heart is just hurting and what I need to do is just be quiet for a while and put a little extra love in to myself and others.

Call me crazy but when the world seems to be upside down on its logical head I feel the one thing we can do that won’t cause any more destruction is love. It seems safe to me, sensible and more here…