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Thoughts on You – A Poem (of an erotic nature)

Thoughts  on YouBlueNude

You can tell a lot from a kiss;

anticipation, compassion, violence,  elation, a connection,

an erection.

You make looking beautiful look easy babe.

That body is a 9 volt battery I wish to put my tongue to.

I want to kiss every freckle that covers your body;

you know this  because you sun yourself

just so you can get a few more before I come home.

I have imagined you naked many times

but you exceed those imaginings a thousands fantasies over what my

mind could grasp once your bra and panties hit the floor.

You touch me in a subtle way;

its enough to tell me you have already fucked me in your head.

Yet still you tease;

bending over in front of me, giving me a backwards glance

along with a sly smile

and telling me to come and get it.

So I come and get it.

by Philip Wardlow 2013

Stuff – A Love Poem



I was busy doing stuff when you came upon me…

That smile you directed at me  got me thinking about stuff.

Wonderful stuff it was indeed,

especially when you walked away

and your stuff swayed and sashayed.

But what stuff did I have to offer you?

My smile wasn’t as bright, my pockets were bare, my soul not quite right,

I  didn’t shine.

Our stuffs didn’t compare.

Yet you smiled.

and all that stuff went away in the instant it was thought.

So we wined and dined, talked and walked

held hands, and kissed on a bridge while the moon hung high.

Later, my stuff came up  close  to your stuff,

then went into your stuff  while my stuff moved all about and around.

Your stuff was monumental.

So I made you my wife.

Such is the stuff

of life.

by Philip Wardlow

Blue Balls of Gentleman – A Poem…(did this happen to me? – I’m not telling)



Blue Balls of a Gentleman

Never was a pain so great
as to leave a man almost
doubled over as he walked.

Such a foul wretch of a woman
she was; to taunt and to flaunt
her wares so, to sidle up alongside me,
yet hold back her ultimate

Never to help me find release
from the tension that she had
caused to exist far below.

True, I could have taken matters into my
own hands like any chaste man should have;
evacuate the cause of all my pent up
pressure and damn her back to the nine hells
where she surely belonged.

But I be not a man to take the easy course;
for I wished her to capitulate in the war
she had waged right outside my castle gate.

Cease this siege woman!

Acquiesce to the desires that I see burning
in your eyes and overcome your coolness
buried deep in your cold keep of a heart.

Grab hold of what you desperately
wish to conquer and I shall relinquish
myself to you with a flood of gratitude.

Perhaps dear lady you will grow
accustomed to my sweet taste.

By Philip Wardlow 2012

What a woman wants – A poem by Don Juan aka Me :)

What a Woman Wants

She walks on by in her tight skirt,
as my brown eyes drink her in and
I say to myself, so it begans.

She smiles and I smile back,
I say hello in a way so she knows that
she matters in this moment to me.

I’m in engaged in her form, her voice.
Her smell of cinnamon must surely
taste like her lips if I were to kiss them.

I make you laugh as I tell you you’re the
sweetest girl I‘ve ever met and that I might just have
to take you home and put you on my toast in the morning
instead of my blackberry jam.

Would I be too forward if I took you by the hand

and looked into your eyes and told you to trust
me with  your whole heart as I wiped
away a tear from the tale you told
me of your last man.

You see, I see you.
I get you, I see your quirks,
I see your moods, I see your passions
and I’m right there baby

Right next to you and I’m
not going anywhere

Now come over here
and let me show you
what love is my

by Philip Wardlow 2012

The Get- Up – a poem…….Happy Valentines Day My Dear….:)

stiletto 5The Get-Up

Fired golden curls cascade,
as your blue eyes smolder,
pink flushed cheeks slyly smile
at me with cherry wine lips.

White silk fitted blouse
scoop breasts like two
full dollops of vanilla ice cream
set in sweet candy cones of
pale lace beneath.

Tight black skirt wraps
around gartered hips
nestled against a lace thong
that parts the way.

Straps pinched tight to
thigh highs which hang close
against skin that has seen many
a sin.

Legs so defined as to entice a man’s
mind from afar and a women’s
eyes to fill with envy disguised.

Diamond studded black stilettos
command my attention as you
walk casually towards me
in the sexual space that
you create.

I am helplessly

By Philip Wardlow 2013

Aspects of Her – A Poem


Aspects of Her

A sunshine smile

dipped in a psychedelic rainbow

of colors that don’t exist

in the spectrum  that

physics would allow.


Slide your hands down your hips,

feel the silk threads float over

your soft cashmere skin;

you always liked  touching yourself

more than me.


 Eyes look away when I speak to them.

I can’t quite catch their color; evasive

as a fish in a warm running stream.


Sad, reflective, in denial of your

desperation as you try and fit into

a dress that’s just a little too tight.


You are a free spirit that confines

herself behind a waterfall of wishes

that will never see fruition.


This is you, all the aspects, all the incarnations,

All the pages yet to be written, all the pages

torn out and tear stained and written over again

then forgotten..


This is you and I have known

them all.

By Philip Wardlow 2013

Her Body – A poem by Philip Wardlow

Her Body

I noticed her body after her beguiling faced walked in.

It spoke and sang to me with a swaying of heavy hip action.

If only I could dial back my desire then the stars would align,

 but the god given geometry wrapping around that frame

would make a chaste man wonder why he went insane

as he saw curves creating arcs upon arcs

intertwining to manifest into shapes

only nature could conceive.

In the lovely female form

there’s a weakness

in me because as she

walks across the room

I continue to gaze while my

rapture increases knowing her body is

hidden beneath thin layers that only deepen

the mystery of a softness that is surely there.

What if I were to simply let my hands wonder

where they wish to go, to peek lightly with

 fingertips in a caress down her naked back

with all intent to travel on if my bold

desires permitted such an act.

I know my place, but she

will learn my charms,

she will see my face,

and look deep into

my eyes and

wonder if

tonight I

am her


By Philip Wardlow

The Science of Speed – A poem

The Science of Speed

3 to 120 Meters Per Second,

the speed at which nerves endings transmit signals through the body.

This body wants to be touched gently by your fingertips;

I have no doubt it would feel like you had never left.

25,000 miles per hour,

the speed it takes to escapes Earth’s gravity.

What would it take to escape my want of you?

186,282 miles per second,

the speed at which light travels.

When that light strikes my eyes how long would it take

for you to realize what’s still behind them?

Time dilation ,

the theory that as your body increases in velocity

time slows down.

I wish to have you near so we could accelerate to the infinite, then

time would slow to nothing and in that final instant

when our speed was at its apex

time would simply stop,

and forever with you would

never end.