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Come with Me – A poem

Ромашковое поле

Come with Me –


I want to go with you in a field of flowers today,

so come away with me and we’ll play.

Grab your mitt, ball, and bat and

don’t forget to feed the cats.


Home plate will be the old tree stump, it’s still

serves as a reminder to our lives where

many a memory still reside.


First base will be the weeping willow where we have

dazed under on many a  hot summer day in its shade.


Second base will be the corner of the old red barn where

we have ventured with our son and taught him how to explore

life just for fun.


Third base will be the edge at a bend in a forgotten stream

that has been flowing for years with all our dreams.

It still sparkles as the sun over high catches the ripples as

it flows by.


So come with me this day

For with you there’s always time to play.



By Philip Wardlow 2013

It’s Complicated – a Poem


It’s Complicated –

Sink or swim.

Hundred pound of feathers,

or a hundred pounds of lead?

Doggy paddle or breast stroke?

Doesn’t fucking matter, she says

My daddies got a motor boat.

I just smile and flick my ashes

in her drink,

and keep on walking.

You see it’s complicated,

this you and me thing.

My chemistry is mangled compared to

yours and there is no untangling

such a goddam chore

of a life you take

for granted.

You don’t see.

For me, it’s complicated,

like chess, or Risk

It’s far from fucking checkers


A game, is a game, is a game

and it could be fun,

This you and me.

It’s complicated.

For every game big or small

has got its rules but sadly

you never learned to read.

By Philip Wardlow 2014